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Tony Rae's workshops have become a popular addition to his live events. The workshops allow the individual to experience Past Life Regression or deal with phobia or issues within their current lives. Here are a few of Tony's popular workshops although workshops can be designed to meet your individual or corporate requirements. The sessions are also available as one to one appointments.

New for 2023-"Fags & Fat”.
The Fags & Fat Programme is a combined and unique technique that not only helps to stop smoking, but also vastly reduces the common problem of increased weight when you cease smoking. “One of the main reasons given by people for not stopping smoking is that they are worried about putting on weight when they stop smoking” * Source BBC Radio 4, December 2015. For the first time in many years the numbers of smokers increased in 2015.* Now a new two part programme to tackle this problem has been devised.

New for 2022-"Fears & Phobias”.
Most of us have a fear, phobia or hang up that we live with, but for some of us their problem interferes not only with their own life but also those around them. Families can be put under intense pressure by just one person being limited and restricted by their fear or phobia. Now they no longer have to suffer. Change is possible. It makes no difference how long they have had the fear or phobia, and how odd it may appear to those who do not have this problem. Why suffer any longer? Now is the time to take control of your life. This programme uses a deep relaxtion technique to minimise the affect of fears & phobias.

"Discover Your Past Life”.
A one day or weekend event is normally held in a country retreat. Held throughout the UK, Tony will regress up to a maximum of 25 people in one session and up to 50 in one day. Tony explains " Why Regression?
Our experiences from our past lives contribute to and affect our choices and decisions in this life. The present is inextricably bound to the

"Regress Yourself Thin"
Delving that little bit further than a normal hypnosis session with Tony into Hypnotic Regression, many people now choose to be regressed because of the higher success rate of the sessions. Tony’s findings usually uncover not only their past existence but also the many possible reasons behind them not being able to stick to a diet.

See below for a typical workshop programme.......


Start at 10:30 am to 4:30 pm approx. Run on a Saturday or Sunday.


INTRODUCTION What is Past Life Regression. Who is Tony Rae.

WHY REGRESSION? Past Lives-Present Lives, How our experiences from our past
lives contribute to and affect our choices and decisions in this life.
Our present is inextricaby bound to the past.

IS HYPNOSIS THE WAY? Do we have to use hypnosis to help discover Past Lives. Will it
work for everyone.

REGRESSION NOW Volunteers from the group will be taken back through their past

DISCUSSION We discuss our understanding of events so far.


STARTING OUR JOURNEY We prepare for the whole group to experience past life

PAST LIFE REGRESSION Depending on the size of the group either everyone will be
regressed at the same time, or in two halves. Those not taking
the journey can make notes for the first group, and change over
later to discover their past lives.

WHAT DID WE DISCOVER Discussion surrounding the events whilst regressed. How to
make the journey during the next 24-48 hours, and the way to
further research.

PROGRESSION Is it possible to progress to a future time ?

The programme is subject to change to meet the needs of those taking part.



Workshops and seminas........

"Re-mind me"
Improve your memory skills

"Fly with confidence"
Take the fear out of flying

"Stop Smoking"
Just one session. Success rate 85%

"Slimmer You"
Let your mind do the hard work. It does not get any easier!

"Spiders, rats or snakes"
Leave your fears behind forever.

"Stress reduction"
A unique and highly effective approach to reducing stresss.

"Sleep easy"
Forget insomnia forever.

“Taking the pain out of PMT"
A new approach helping to take control and reduce the effect and pain.

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