Have we walked these streets before?

Why is this important?

Tony Rae explains......

Our experiences from our past lives contribute to and affect our choices and decisions in this life. Our present is inextricably bound to the past "

past life regression
Tony Rae        

The World's leading Past Life Regressionist
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Past life experiences

Tony Rae's shows are unique in the world of entertainment. The subject is allowed a facinating insight into their past lives an experience that Tony has found can also inform issues in this life.

Here are some Past Life experiences from some recent Live events;

CLAIRE "My name is Maria, it is 1842. 1 am the oldest of five children, Lucy, Daisy, Jo Jo and Philip. Me and Lucy have a basket of lowers we have to sell in the market.            We live in Church Street, London, not in a house we are travelling people and  have four caravans. My Mum and Dad died in a caravan fire about two years past.  King George wants rid of us, but we have been in London for seven years and we keep moving around. People say we are dirty, but we are not. My best day was when I was ten and my father bought me a pony called Jessie."

TRICIA "The year is 1755 and my name is Anna. I am 21, and going to visit my granny who works and lives in a Castle in Princes Street, Edinburgh. I am stood at a side door and can see the lovely gardens but 1 am afraid to go in."

ANDY "I am John Reeve, a soldier in the Yorkshire Regiment, my number is 18745025. It is the turn of the century, and I am marching across green rolling fields along a cart track with poppies all around. It is a warm day, and the heavy webbing cross straps are cutting into my back. My boots and gaiters are covered in dust. As we march we have our fixed bayonets on our Lee Enfield rifles. Paddy and I wish we were at an inn in England enjoying the ale."

MARGARET  " This is Sarah Smith it is 1554, 1 have been taken to France and I am hiding in a village in this primitive wooden house. A priest called Father Simon has helped me to escape from England. 1 was accused of being a witch because I have the power to heal. My trial was about to start when I escaped"  (The ghost of this  Priest has been seen by several people in Margaret's company offices).

ANGELA   "Went back to 3000BC. She lived in Egypt, her name was Zica, her father was a scribe at the temple, she was learning to write and draw. She showed us some examples by drawing strange shapes whilst her eyes were closed"

LESLEY "Went back to the year 880. Born and lived in Jerusalem, aged 39. She is wearing rags and begging in an alley next to the market trying to buy back an Ox. She was married. to Alenia for five years, she had long black hair down to her waist. They had no children when aged 30 Alenia died. She had one brother Nuraffi, who lived in the mountains. "



"Am I really a girl in the 1900s?
How Tony took me back there......"

Leading past life regressionist Tony Rae returns to his native Nottingham for a new theatrical show this week.
He takes Oonagh Robinson on a strange and memorable journey back to a possible previous existence.
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