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Media feedback

Tony Rae has appeared on many TV shows including Richard & Judy, Philip Schofield’s Have I Been Here Before, The Scream Team, Kilroy, BBC Network Show, Jane Goldman Investigates, Weekend Live, ITV 30 Minutes and The Worlds Greatest Discoveries in Japan. He has also featured as a guest on over 40 Radio Shows.

This is a selection of the press Tony has received over the last few years;

“Have these people lived before!”
“Were you a mighty monarch or a famous explorer in a previous existence, or a humble peasant? Thousands of people believe they have lived before. Tony Rae the chairman of the B.C.P.S.H. can regress them to a past existence. Here he reveals some fascinating cases: Peter Hulme took a trip back in time and found he had fought as a pike man in the English Civil War. Flames crackled around Linda Andrews’s legs and choking fumes seared her throat. The year was 1115, and she was to learn that she had been burnt at the stake as a witch.”
News of the World

“Have you lived before”
“According to the UK's Number One top regressionist Tony Rae you probably have. Tony's shows are often instant sell-outs, making him well known in Britain and abroad. He has made regular TV and Radio appearances nationally and internationally. Currently he is a special guest on Jane Goldman's Paranormal Show on Living TV.”
Nottingham Evening Post

“Tony promises the time of your lives”
“Did you fight at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, or were you on the Titanic It may seem a bizarre notion but Tony Rae has had great success and accuracy in uncovering people's former lives, with clients having been taken back as far as 3000BC. He has worked with television stars and has appeared on chat show This Morning and programmes including ID for Channel 5, 30 Minutes, and Weekend Live for ITV, and BBC's Kilroy. He encourages sceptics to come along and experience the phenomenon for themselves. The power is with the people, not like going to a psychic or medium. The past life we discover first of all is the one that has the most influence on the life we are living now.”
Ilford Recorder

“Do you come here often?"
“That eerie sense of deja vu may mean you've lived in a past life, and Tony Rae can help you remember. His talents have recently been featured on Japanese TV to an audience of 15 million. Tony has taken present day celebrities back to their past lives like GMTV presenter John Stapleton who prior to his current incarnation, lived the harsh life of the captain of an Irish merchant ship ” The Weekly News “Japanese TV flies 6.000 miles to film Tony Rae.” “Tony Rae's extraordinary powers have been felt 6,000 miles away in.. Japan. He is a world leader in his field, and is well known across Europe and the United States. Now he is to feature on one of Japan's top TV shows The Worlds Greatest Discoveries in a prime time slot.” Nottingham Evening Post “We've been here before.” “Tony Rae is the specialist in Past Life Regression. He says that most of us have the potential to experience our past lives. His clients are everyone from bosses to housewives. But what is it really like to have walked on this earth in a previous existence? We find out ...... ”
Sunday Magazine .




What the media say....

“We've met Tony Rae, the worlds leading past life regressionist before and he is very good"
Richard Madely

“I had my doubts about past lives but Tony Rae has convinced me to think again”
Robert Kilroy-Silk

“Having been to six other regressionists before who failed. Its hats off to Tony!”
Jane Goldman
( Johnathan Ross's wife)

“It was the most exilarating experience of my life”
John Stapleton GMTV

“It was an amazing experience”
James Hewitt

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