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In the early 1970's Tony Rae was a musician and having toured the country with a hypnotist,  he discovered he had a natural ability in this field. Tony became fascinated with the wide range of benefits hypnosis could bring to the public.

He attended a two-year course on hypnosis to develop his natural talent further. This proved to be a great success as he quickly earned himself a fine reputation for therapeutic treatments and live performances.

Tony's early career as a stage hypnotist had won him critical acclaim all over Europe and as far as Asia but in 1990 he further developed his skill in Past Life Regression.

Tony started with individual clients. He then decided to extend this opportunity to discover the past lives of groups of people, so theatres naturally followed.

This proved very popular with the general public and the many celebrity audiences which Tony was requested to perform at.
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From private parties he progressed to touring full theatre shows and workshops.

Tony Rae, is now the world's leading Past Life Regressionist and Chairman of The British Council of Hypnotists since 1995.

Tony has written several articles on the topic of Past Life Regression. One published by one of the Sunday supplement magazines has produced over 4000 enquiries.



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“We've been here before.
Tony Rae is the specialist in Past Life Regression.”

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“Tony Rae's extraordinary powers have been felt 6,000 miles away in Japan. He is a world leader in his field.”
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