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Celebrity Clients
Past Life Regression is a concept that facinates us all. As well as his shows for the general public Tony Rae has often been called upon to uses his techniques in unique situations for celebrity audience or forensic hypnosis. see below.....

Past life Regression was used by Tony when he regressed TV presenter John Stapleton to discover his reason for being afraid of rats.

Tony’s expertise in the field of Past Life Regression was the reason he was chosen to regress James Hewitt in a TV programme in 2005 which produced some startling results.

His unique talent has also been used for Forensic Hypnosis when he was recently requested to discover “lost information”. An 11 year old had accompanied his father to a bank in Zurich some 50 years ago. His father died without leaving details of the branch of the bank, the account number or the password needed to recover the safe deposit box. Using forensic hypnosis Tony was able to take the client back to the street in Zurich, to the bank, to the counter, to the details on the forms, and the chosen password. The information all proved correct and the client was able to recover the family box.



What the media say.........

“Tony Rae reveals some fascinating cases: From a trip back to the English Civil War to the witch hunts of 1115."
News of the World

“We've been here before.
Tony Rae is the specialist in Past Life Regression.”

Sunday Magazine

“Tony Rae's extraordinary powers have been felt 6,000 miles away in Japan. He is a world leader in his field.”
Evening Post

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