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The World's leading Past Life Regressionist
and Hypnotherapist

past life regression
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Past Life Regression is a technique that uses a form similar to hypnosis to recover what many believe are memories of past lives. Tony Rae, is the world's leading Past Life Regressionist and Chairman of The British Council of professional Hypnotists since 1995.

Tony Rae

What does he do?
Tony's specialty Past Life Regression is available for a wide range of Live events including evening entertainment in theatres, corporate events and cruises or as a memorable after dinner speaker. Tony is also available for one to one appointments. Contact us for details
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Hypnotherapy. Tony is a renowned hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy used to create subconscious change in a client in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors or feelings. Tony has successfully practiced for over 35 years and is available for Workshops and for one to one appointments.

Workshops. Tony's workshops and one to one appointments give you the opportunity to discover past lives or to overcome Phobias, Fears, Sleep Disorders & Stress Reduction to name but a few.

New workshops for 2023
Tony's is always developing new workshops. 2023 sees the launch of "Fags & fat program" and "Fears & Phobias's program". For more details see Workshops....

Past Life Regression is a fascinating topic and Tony has featured as a guest on over 40 Radio Shows and numerous BBC, ITV and international TV shows including Richard & Judy. See media feedback....


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What the media say.........

“Tony Rae reveals some fascinating cases: From a trip back to the English Civil War to the Witch hunts of 1115."
News of the World

“We've been here before.
Tony Rae is the specialist in Past Life Regression.”

Sunday Magazine

“Tony Rae's extraordinary powers have been felt 6,000 miles away in Japan. He is a world leader in his field.”
Evening Post

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